Team Coaching

Development through groups to accelerate positive, cultural change in organisations. 

diverse mindsets

Diversity can play havoc if not managed right

The right people with diverse mindsets are necessary for teams – but it doesn’t guarantee success. The paradox is that diversity can promote creative thinking and problem solving but it can also be the source of dysfunction. If not managed correctly, it has the potential for intercultural anxiety, tensions and conflict stemming from differences in worldview, values, and norms.

Team coaching can help with this, as it facilitates problem-solving and conflict management. It can surface and defuse hidden conflict. More importantly, team coaching will facilitate higher quality communication and can provide the tools and skills to manage conflict and improve its performance.

hard work

Team coaching is not warm fuzzy – it's hard work

This is not to be confused with team facilitation. Team coaching is not a fuzzy and warm team bonding activity. It requires a lot of hard work. It approaches the uncomfortable situations, brings up the tough questions and requires constant personal growth and development. It demands for an inclusive mindset and the necessity to extend perspectives.

collective leadership

Benefits of team coaching

We work with your whole team to improve collective capability and performance. It also aims to develop collective leadership with the goal to achieve and sustain high performance and to jointly transform the business in an increasingly uncertain and complex environment.  This is done by applying coaching principles such as assisted reflection, dialogue, and goal setting.

As part of the process, we coach the whole team both when together and apart over a designated period of time to:

Collaborate and learn through difference and diversity

Develop collective leadership

Align on a common purpose

Achieve performance objectives

Effectively engage with key stakeholder groups

Jointly transform the wider business

the team

When to use team coaching

Team coaching is ideal for your organisation when:

  • you want to move from good to great team performance
  • you need to address the elephant in the room and you need to approach the tension
  • there is a lack of clarity or agreement what the team’s goals are
  • personal commitment is required from every team member
  • you want to invest in leveraging the combined potential of the team towards newer, more stretching goals
  • there is an appetite to invest in improving the team performance for the future
  • you want to challenge team members to give their full contribution to the team’s performance
  • you require the confidence of every member of the team to fulfil the team’s potential. Often required in periods of change, ambiguity and for long-term sustainable performance
  • you want to shift the transactional management style to a transformational leadership style.

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