Organisational Leadership Development

We transform your team into emotionally intelligent business leaders who can inspire and support each other.

future proof your organisation

An accelerator leadership program designed to future proof your organisation

Backed by Deakin University, the Future Leaders Program is an accelerator leadership program designed to future proof your organisation.

It is designed to develop an agile, change-ready workforce that is equipped for future challenges and disruption.

The program is highly experiential and applies the most in-demand soft skills in real-time. It rapidly builds critical leadership capabilities in soft-skills such as innovative problem solving, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and emotional intelligence (EQ) – while making a difference to local communities.

As the workplace evolves, those with higher EQ are better equipped to work cohesively within teams and deal with change more effectively. Overall, we need leaders who are authentic, emotionally intelligent and socially responsible.

What makes this program unique is our focus on empowering socially conscious leaders and changemakers. Participants are given a real charity board-level problem to solve – not ‘generic’ case studies.

core skills

Finally, a leadership program that works

In one of our cohorts, we surveyed them three times: before the course starts, shortly after the course ends and a few months after the course ends.

We looked at how confident participants felt in the core skills which we are facilitating and test the long-term impact of our program. We’re pleased to have recorded an uplift of up to 26%!

greater collective

When to use The Future Leaders Program

The Greater Collective is best for increasing leadership capabilities, developing and future-proofing soft-skills across your organisation.

  • Build psychological safety which is fundamental for every innovative organisation
  • Give and receive effective feedback to increase trust when there is a lack of clarity or agreement what the team’s goals are
  • Lead successfully through change by adapting leadership style
  • Build high performing teams to meet company objectives
  • Empower, motivate and engage employees to be ready for change
  • Foster collaboration and innovation across the organisation to adapt to change
  • Creatively solve problems
  • Influence stakeholders and decision-makers

DeakinCo is our Strategic Education Partner and will validate the personal and professional development providing independent Professional Practice Credential towards leadership qualifications.

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