Interview Coaching

Role related knowledge gets you the interview. Nailing behavioural questions gets you the job. Practise your behavioural and situational interview questions with an interview coach.

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Go beyond the STAR

Everyone has stories to tell. Basic interview story elements are the Situation, the Task, the Actions and the Result. However, using the STAR methodology will not make you stand out. It is a framework, not a success guarantee.  

Our goal for interview coaching is simple: You enter the interview room as a strong candidate, depart as the desirable hire.

In our interview coaching sessions, we work with our clients to create, clarify and perfect their stories to leave a positive, lasting impression on the interviewer. Through mock interviews, our clients practise articulating their experiences with confidence and impact. As coaches, we crystalize the unique strengths of our clients (and we ensure our clients speak with confidence about their weaknesses if asked during the interview process). Most importantly, we are here to support you and share direct, honest and actionable feedback.

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We coach you to

Build Rapport - connect with the interviewer

Be Memorable - answer beyond STAR

Be Relevant - tell pointed stories

Be Focused - align your experience to the position

Be Prepared - answer unexpected questions

Be Confident - show your potential

Move from being a strong candidate to be the desirable hire.

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How it works

Book a free 30 mins online consultation session to get to know your coach and to discuss your needs and wants.

  • You share the job description of the role you are applying for and your CV
  • Your coach develops customised behavioural, hypothetical and case interview questions.
  • Your coach will share some of these questions with you before your first coaching session.

Our interview coaching sessions are 60 minutes long. You practice with your coach behavioural and case questions. Your coach will provide you with direct and honest feedback after each question. The feedback will be on:

  • Structure
  • Content
  • Relevancy

At the moment, sessions are being held online via Zoom or Google Meet.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach.  Our interview coaching sessions are 60 minutes long.  Some of our clients are ready after one session, others need a couple more sessions to feel fully confident to go into the interview.

You want to be the desirable candidate?

Book a free 15 mins consultation

If any or all of the above resonates with you, book a session with us and share your career goal.