About Include Extend

We spend about a third of our lives at work, so we believe it’s important to make it meaningful and enjoyable.  

our purpose

Our WHY:

To make workplaces meaningful and enjoyable


We believe the successful narrative of every organisation begins with and ends with its people. When people thrive, so do the organisations they work for and society more broadly.


At the same time, the highly complex, ever-evolving landscape of today’s organisations requires new ways of leadership and a greater focus on building soft skills.

03Inclusive Culture

Without an inclusive culture, collaborative teams, and highly self-aware leaders – businesses will struggle to remain competitive.

our goal


When you work with Include & Extend, you’re working with an experienced, diverse and purpose-driven team committed to make cultural change simple.

Our specific focus is on helping organisations to build psychologically safe workplaces. We know this is a key enabler for innovation, creativity, and of course, happier and healthier employees.

Our goal is to support people and organisations to develop the skills and knowledge to operate effectively and sustainably in the modern workplace.

workable solutions

Our HOW:

Importantly, we take the time to listen and understand the goals, challenges and culture of your organisation.  With that knowledge, we work closely with you to create workable solutions – whether it’s bespoke leadership, team or personal development programs. We will find the best approach to your goals to deliver positive change and sustained commercial growth.

Our Values

Love of learning

We are open-minded and interested in learning new things. We are driven to deepen our knowledge, enhancing competency and efficacy.


Being fair and equitable is at the heart of what we do. We don’t let feelings cloud our decisions about others.


What we do is with genuine conviction and without pretence. We stay true to our values and beliefs.


We persist toward our goals despite obstacles, discouragements, or disappointments.


We are thinking things through and see more than just one perspective. We don’t jump to conclusions.


Be open to new perspectives. Suspend your frame of reference and be curious about new perspectives. 


Broaden your perspective by synthesising with new ones. 

Why work with us

We tailor our practice to suit the needs of individuals, groups and organisations. What sets us apart is our approach to accelerating cultural transformation. Specifically, we’re about

  • Using evidence-based practice. This is at the heart of everything we do. We apply evidence-based frameworks from the field of positive psychology, adult development, system theories, developmental theories and change theories – but without the fluff.
  • Applying best thinking and design from leading organisations around the world 
  • Sharing experiential, practical and tangible tools with you to accelerate cultural change.


Designing impactful solutions by combining our international work experience with multinational organisations and mentoring startups.

Principal & Founder

About Monika Gisler

After 10 years at Google, Monika felt very strongly about sharing her experience and knowledge with other organisations to help them thrive. While at Google, she successfully led the peer-to-peer program for Google’s Asia Pacific region and was the key strategic partner for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Monika has also successfully designed, developed, and implemented leadership and coaching solutions across many sectors, including small businesses, start-ups, technology and professional services.

With the natural ability to connect, she can motivate groups of all sizes, technical capabilities, and levels of leadership. Monika believes that everyone should embrace every opportunity to explore what they are truly capable of. She understands that this can only happen in inclusive environments where people are empowered to do so.

Monika holds a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology, a Master of Science in Linguistic and Communication Studies and a Bachelor in Business Economics.

On a more personal note, Monika is an avid traveller, curious learner and a tango dancer. She enjoys a challenge and facing her fears head-on. In fact, she did an acting course just to cure her fear of role-playing (which is why she is now a master at it).